What is the Wise Economy Workshop?

The Wise Economy Workshop is a platform for Thinking and Doing that empowers us all to build a better future for the places that people care about.  

Strong local businesses?  Good tax base?  Constructively engaged citizens? Young people who want to stay? These common issues and more interlace with each other.  And we can’t solve them in isolation.

Our name explains what’s necessary to build and rebuild successful places.  We are

Wise because we see a future coming that isn’t like the past,

Economy because that’s one of the main systems that communities use to meet their needs and work together, 

Workshop because no one has all the answers, and we need to discover the right ones for each place, together.


The Wise Economy Workshop draws on the power of networks to make impact and accelerate needed change.  We make that impact by designing new systems that connect across old boundaries, blow away unproductive assumptions, and make

we can’t do that”


of course we did.

The Wise Economy Workshop collaborates with new networks and new solutions nationwide, in spaces that range from experiential learning to online public engagement to disadvantaged entrepreneurs. 

And we take what we’re learningthrough all this Doing, and we share it with you as we are Thinking.  So that you can take care of the places that you care about, too.

To learn more about how we are Doing, go to the Networks tab on this site.  To share in what we’re Thinking, check out the Publications and Learn with Us pages. 

As you will hear at the end of a lot of Wise Economy broadcasts, it’s time to Go Get ‘Em. 

It’s definitely time.  Time for a Wise Economy Workshop approach.