The Wise Economy Workshop blog is our space for thinking through the big issues, the overlooked but critical factors, and the major changes that will shape our communities today and into the future. You may agree or disagree with the posts you find here, but chances are, they’re going to make you think.

Some of the older posts were incorporated into the first Wise Fool Press book, The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help.  

If you’re interested in more examples of how communities are putting Wise Economy ideas into action, check out the blog associated with that book, at  Look for the “From the Good Ideas File” posts.

You can also find digest-style articles about the intersection of public engagement, planning and technology at, which is an online magazine resulting from a partnership between the Wise Economy Workshop and Urban Interactive Studios.

And if your tastes run to audio or visual, check out Wise Economy Radio and Wise Economy TV.

Have fun!

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