The Wise Economy Workshop has a simple purpose: to help local governments and community organizations make better decisions about their future.  To us, a Wise Economy means
“a community that makes better decisions.”  And “making better decisions” means

  • More useful, more accurate, more comprehensive and more comprehensible information, especially about how our economies work and how they impact everything else in our lives.


  • More intelligent systems for understanding our communities’ options, anticipating our potential futures and setting our priorities.


  • More meaningful ways to CrowdSource Wisdom from the broad cross-section of our residents and businesses, gaining their assistance and support in figuring out our future.

Easier said than done, though.  Right?  Right.

To help you build a Wise Economy in your community , the Wise Economy Workshop offers these services and tools:


Wise Economy Consulting.

In over 20 years, we’ve provided a broad range of assistance to a broad range of communities, governments and organizations, from big cities to tiny villages.  Our strongest offerings tend to come down to three areas:

DeepDive Economic Analysis

Giving you numbers for deciding, not just spin, through transparent analysis designed around your needs and your unique community.

360 Public Engagement

Tools and guidance to Crowdsource Wisdom though meaningful, channeled participation – participation that gets people out of conflict and into discovering real solutions, together.

StratSet Planning and Decision-Building

Creating and guiding a process that allows you to make real decisions, based on real consensus. Helping your community make a plan that makes a difference you’ll see in your community’s future.

Speaking and Training

Through keynotes and plenary sessions, intimate trainings and standing-room-only events, we’ve taught people across the country how to see their community through new eyes – and build the skills to make communities better.  Whether it’s deciphering macro-economic trends, seeing through fakery in impact studies, managing contentious public meetings or understanding the latest in online public engagement, your members will learn and remember.  And they’ll be glad they came.

Wise Fool Press

We all know it’s time to marshal the forces to make the changes our communities need.  But to do that, we need three things:

  • Toolkits that help us do the day-to-day things better;
  • Understanding of the Trends to see where the future might be leading us,
  • And perhaps most importantly, Wisdom and bravery to undertake that hard work — and the encouragement of knowing that we are not alone.

The Wise Fool Press gives you those three types of fuels — quickly, efficiently, and through the platforms that makes the best sense for you.  We bring you deep thoughts and practical tools to help you navigate, and to help your community ride the waves of change. We don’t believe in magic bullets, and we don’t believe in selling snake oil.  What we do believe is that we need to figure out better solutions.  And that we’re in this together.

Our first two publications are The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help and Why This Work Matters: Wisdom from the People Who are Making Communities BetterStay tuned for more coming soon.


The Online Public Engagement Emporium

Online platforms and tools can help us crowdsource wisdom in ways we never could before.  But we have to pick the right tools and use them in the right way — and as the number of online methods explodes, that gets harder and harder to do.

The Online Public Engagement Emporium provides the most up-to-date overview of the options available everywhere, and it helps you pick the right tools to help you build truly meaningful public engagement.  Access the site for free, or get a little extra help.  Either way, it will make your public engagement better.


EngagingCities is an online magazine that covers the intersection of technology, public engagement and urban planning.  With over 21,000 subscribers worldwide, we find and share new ideas, insights, projects and analysis that help people understand the potential of new ideas and emerging technologies for helping us decide together better.

EngagingCities is produced as a partnership between Urban Interactive Studio and the Wise Economy Workshop.  EngagingCities also gives you a variety of ways for you to share your story with our audience – check out the options here.

Take a look around.  Let’s see if we can help.  

I hope you’ll join us.