The Wise Economy Workshop helps communities build a better economy by 

building entrepreneurship, small businesses and startups,

getting people meaningfully engaged in government, and

making better decisions.

Our approach is built on a simple but novel idea:

Communities grow into their full potential when they develop the ability to make the most of the businesses, the people, the connections and the community that they already have.

It’s simple because it makes sense, but it’s novel because we don’t often do it. 

Instead of throwing what precious money and time we have at yesterday’s failed Big Solutions, let’s catalyze a strong future with what already have – the businesses, the people, the ideas and the connections.  Lets connect them, engage their power, and put them to work for the good of all of us. When we’ve done that, we’ll have more powerful, more resilient and more desirable communities than any mega-building or mega-deal could create. 

Doing this will also probably cost you less and induct a lot fewer ulcers than what you’re doing now.  But to make it work, you need a new approach, some new skills, and some additions to your toolbox.  

That’s where the Wise Economy Workshop comes in. Let’s figure out how we can work together to bring out the real potential of the communities you care about.

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