The Wise Economy Workshop’s Thinking work is based around taking what I have learned with others, sharing it and collaboratively expanding on it.  I’m glad to share good practices and good ideas, but what I’m especially interested in doing is exploring the new frontiers of our thinking about communities and local economies.  And particularly pushing in the directions that the unfolding era seems to be requiring of us. 

I think of this work as fulfilling the role of an Applied Community Futurist — looking forward, but striving to do so in a manner that directly empowers and equips all of us to advance the places that we care about.  

Wise Economy content will challenge you, expand your horizons and introduce you to the things you didn’t know you needed to know about. 


There are a lot of publications anymore, so they get their own page.


The freshest Wise Economy content today goes to the Wise Economy Substack, a subscription service for great writing.  For a small fee per month, subscribers get: 

  • The weekly Future Here Now, a newsletter with articles and analysis that highlights future-ready developments from across a stunning range of sources.  Every issue will present you with something you’ve never seen before, and connects it to your work in the places you care about.  
  • Special invitations to the monthly AccelerateUS Salon, a virtual coffee table discussion with a small group of the brightest New Economy innovators you’re likely to encounter, 
  • A quarterly AccelerateUs Journal, a multi-media collection of diverse voices digging into an important issue from all directions, and 
  • A monthly Ask Me Anything session, making it easy to get advice and recommendations on the issues you’re facing today.  

Learn more at  If you subscribe at this link, you will get a coupon for 20% off a year’s subscription.

Video and Podcasts

The Wise Economy Workshop produces four kinds of video content.  Most content is also available as an audio podcast. 

  • The Accelerate Us Interviews are in-depth conversations with a person who is leading a particularly noteworthy innovation. We hear the full story of what they’re doing and how it’s working, with plenty of time to probe the ramifications and applications of what they’ve created.
  • The AccelerateUs Salon series is a monthly conversation with a small group of innovators who work in everything from urban planning to alternative finance.  Conversations center around an uber-issue that affects everyone and helps us all identify future-ready solutions.
  • The Know Better, Do Better series focuses on building a better understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing Black and other underrepresented business owners. We get deep and real with someone who’s living in that experience, and we explore how our communities and organizations might really open up that underutilized potential. Know Better, Do Better, is supported by the American Independent Business Alliance, which believes that racial equity is central to a resilient local economy.
  • Livestream videos are normally produced two to three times per week, with a focus on sharing and expanding on ideas found in Wise Economy Workshop publications.  

Video content is posted to YouTube or livestreamed to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Short form videos are posted on occasion to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Short form content on YouTube mostly consists of readings and discussions from different publications. TikTok and Instagram videos focus on the Future Here Now concept used in the Substack newsletter, sharing emerging news and developments.

Audio versions are hosted on Soundcloud, and syndicated under the“Building a Wise Local Economy” title to most podcast platforms, including Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Pandora, Google Podcast and others.