Through its independent publishing arm, the Wise Fool Press, the Wise Economy Workshop produces books and short publications called Short Shots.   


Wise Fool Press books are available in paperback or digital format, wherever you order your books. Current publications include:

  • Everybody Innovates Here analyzes the common structures and limitations of Artboard 1-100current approaches to generating entrepreneurship and innovation, and outlines a strategy for creating truly inclusive innovation systems that benefit the whole community.  Everybody Innovates Here is one of the underpinnings of the Power Plant community innovation system, which is part of my Doing work.
  • Crowdsourcing Wisdom examines the failures and unintended consequences of conventionalcw-cover-final public participation or public engagement and provides detailed instructions on an alternative approach that allows people to participate more actively and constructively in decisions about their community’s future.
  • Why this Work Matters presents personal reflections written by 11 government wtwm coverand nonprofit leaders, focusing on their motivations and challenges in the face of communities that often discredit or oppose them.



Short Shots

Short Shots are mini-publications, usually under 50 pages, with lots of pictures.  Some Short Shots are experimental, such as testing out a theory, while others are easy-to-read sections from longer publications. Short Shots are available exclusively as PDF downloads on Gumroad.  Current Short Shots include:

Blogs and Short Stuff

Blog content ends up on multiple sites, including this one, Wise Fool Press and the books, Trep House and Econogy, as well as Medium. The Wise Economy Substack newsletter, Future Here Now, also has regular original content.

And a Google search on “Della Rucker” will turn up random interesting stuff as well. You don’t know until you try.