Books and Approach

The Wise Economy Workshop approach integrates three fundamental keys to successful communities:

The Crowdsourcing Wisdom method for channeling diverse people into constructive, collaborative decision-making  — a method that cuts off angry conflicts before they start,

The Local Economy Revolution perspective on what communities need to do to thrive and bounce back from challenges in the emerging economic, technical and cultural era,

The Everybody Innovates Here system for unlocking the forward-thinking, innovative and groundbreaking potential of the people we haven’t included before, especially our young adults.


You can read about Crowdsourcing Wisdom in the book


Crowdsourcing Wisdom: a guide to doing public meetings that actually make your community better (and won’t make people wish they hadn’t come)




You can explore the implications of the Local Economy Revolution in

The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help 





And you can learn how we build powerful inclusion – powered innovation systems through


Everybody Innovates Here: Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Across Your Entire Community


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You can find other formats of the books, as well as other publications, at Wise Fool Press.