Big Ideas/Good Ideas

Accelerating change requires fast-moving information, whether there’s a pandemic in play or not.

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Della’s mouth is open a lot.

Big Ideas/Good Ideas are daily FacebookLive posts that talk about

Big Ideas: fundamental shifts in how we think and work that we need to put in place in our organizations and businesses.  Favorite themes include working as a network player instead of as a solo operator, making the best use of non-money resources, co-designing and more.  But who knows what will pop up — and the unexpected often does

Good Ideas are practical steps you can put in place in your organization right now — to increase your impact, handle a changing world better, bring in more money, and more.  While a lot of Good Ideas are ways to put those Big Ideas into action, sometimes there’s a new Good Idea that’s just too…. good not to share.

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Big Ideas/Good Ideas is currently on hiatus as I figure out how to make it more useful and less onerous.  But the old ones are still posted, and mostly still relevant.