Future Here Now: Be a Humble Expert

Hey there. This FHN will be brief because I am in the US Virgin Islands on an advising trip via the International Economic Development Council. I have video to share with you but I need to get to stronger WiFi before I can do thar. I’ll share those with you as soon as l can. For the moment, just a quick thought:

Even though it’s part of the US, the USVI has a whole different culture and history. And it’s a fascinating one that i’m still learning. But that also means that I have to be acutely aware that even though i’m supposed to be the “expert,” i have to be every bit or more the learner.

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As I wrote in The Local Economy Revolution Has Arrived, the world around us is changing in a direction that is both increasing the value of certain kinds of expertise (the person who can prevent your data from being hacked), while also lessening the value of conventional ride-in-from-somewhere-else-and-tell-you-what-to-do expertise. Experts are more responsible than anyone else to be learners, and to be continually mindful of knowing that what you don’t know far exceeds what you do.

Without a high level of humility, the odds that you’re wrong go up exponentially, and in a new twist, the likelihood that your failure gets seen, called out and quickly dumped in your lap goes up exponentially as well. We can seldom hide behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz. Stupid to even try.

So I guess that’s a Do Now for today: be a humble expert.

And because I can’t upload a video at the moment, I’ll end with a photo of my new proudest posession: a mask made from St. Croix’s offical madras, with deep thanks to my friend and guide, Cusa Holloway.

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