News from the Wise Economy Workshop Network

This is a selection from Future Here Now, a newsletter produced by the Wise Economy Workshop/ Wise Fool Press.  Every Future Here Now has three sections:

  • Coming Soon, on emerging ideas and technologies that will impact you sooner than you think, 
  • Local Learnings, on issues other communities are facing and how they are addressing them in a future-ready manner, 
  • Do Now, on practical ideas for helping your community and your work become more future-ready right now. 

For a weekly supply of information that helps you prepare for the Fusion Economy in the place you care about, plus other benefits, subscribe to Future Here Now.  You’ll be glad you did.  

Trep House is launching its first online seminar, the very popular Essentials of Marketing Planning offered by Cardwell Communications! This 10-week, live online seminar walks non-marketers through the full process of creating on-target, business-transforming marketing strategies for maximum impact. The class includes 10 2-hour sessions, all materials and one-on-one coaching with the instructor. All for less than a single credit hour at a university!

You don’t have to be a Trep House member or a minority entrepreneur to participate, and it’s designed for small nonprofit staff as well as small business owners. Check out the class and its flexible payment options at

Trep House leadership is taking the class right now, and we’re already benefitting! But don’t take my word for it. You can see testimonials from past graduates here and here.

Trep House is looking for our inaugural batch of Fellows.

Fellows are young professionals or students who are interested in entrepreneurship and can spare up to five hours per week to help us test and refine Trep House’s online platforms. For example, a Fellow might help us create conversations on the Community platform or refine the Mentor vetting process to fit New Majority needs better.

Fellows get a full year of Trep House membership free (a $1,000 value) and get to work directly with leading Black entrepreneurs and innovators nationwide!

If you know someone who might be interested, ask them to send an email of introduction to You can see more of what Trep House membership includes at

It was hard not to talk about Ukraine in this newsletter, given how closely I’ve been watching news from there.

I think there’s some interesting Fusion Era learnings coming through from how that is unfolding, but it seems crude to pontificate when people are fighting and dying so horrifically.

My husband, Dave, went to a demonstration in support of Ukraine last week, and he was given a flag and a flyer with QR codes for donation sources. The flag and the flyer are now posted in his office. We had tried previously to donate to the first link on this flyer, which has been verified by multiple sources and directly supports the Ukranian Army, but at that time it wasn’t working. We made a donation yesterday, and it worked.

So if you’re wondering what you can do to help, here’s a few ways to do that.

As Google Translate tells me, життя в україну.


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