AccelerateUs Journal, Vol. 1 Issue1

Need something to read that engages your brain and talks to your heart and your funny bone? Looking for something that does all of that and gives you important insights on how to manage the changes that the communities you care about are going through?

The AccelerateUs Journal is an easy-to-digest mix of stories, how-tos, good writing and fascinating videos loosely organized around one of the key issues of growing Future-Ready economies and communities.

The quarterly Journal is one of the benefits that subscribers to the Wise Economy Substack receive. For a mere $5.00/month, subscribers get this plus a weekly digest and analysis of unexpected news stories, a monthly Ask Me Anything session, live access to the AccelerateUs Salon series, and more. Subscribing is super easy – learn more here.

Fusion Era Networks: How We Work Together Now (AccUs v1 i1)fusion-era-networks-how-we-make-impacts-now

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