Sponsorship levels, Trep House

Trep House is a new Virtual SuperHub for New Majority founders — Black and other disadvantaged business owners or starters who have great potential for growth but need some help getting there.

Trep House coordinates a network of resources and services for New Majority founders, ranging from business skills education to vetted vendors and tools for venture evaluation and funding at all scales. Trep House also offers a Creative Capital platform that allows creatives and startups to barter or develop future income streams from their collaborations. Della Rucker is serving as an operations advisor to help this exciting venture stabilize and retain the highly capable operating staff it needs.

Trep House is in early stages, but we’re beginning a quiet search for potential sponsors. Sponsorships are structured as business promotion or talent development expenses, but charitable options are also available upon request.

If you or your company are interested in becoming a first-stage supporter of Trep House, send an email to della.rucker@wiseeconomy.com, and we’ll get your questions answered.


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