Local Economy Revolution First Principles Short Shot Released

As I’ve been saying in my livestream videos lately, the purpose of the First Principles section of the new, revised book are to keep the fundamental changes our communities are experiencing right in front of our eyes — to help us combat the deep temptation we have to revert back to Business As Usual. Even when we have the best of intentions, changing how we do things in the manner that this transition demands from us is brutally hard. We’re deeply wired to go back to the familar, to what we’ve done before.

I just released those First Principles of the Local Economy Revolution as a Short Shot — one of the series of mini-publications that come out from Wise Fool Press. It’s an easy way to get acquainted with the Future-Ready approach, and a handy reference for evaluating whether the things we do are moving the places we care about in the right direction.

Get an email-friendly copy here, or go to Gumroad.com for a higher resolution version suitable for printing!

Here’s the cover and one of the inside pages:

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