Retain your Talent and Grow your Businesses: ETG Brain Trust teams

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I’m delighted to announce a new initiative we are piloting with Econogy Talent Group that creates a completely new way for your organization to retain more of your top-flight young talent and help your small businesses at the same time!

For years, I have listened to economic and community developers and chambers of commerce struggle with two issues:

  1. Keeping their young talent from moving away from their community;
  2. Providing valuable support to their small businesses and members.

A Brain Trust gives you a way to do both, together.

Brain Trust teams use their cutting-edge skills and innovative mindsets to help businesses and organizations solve their most pressing problems.  College students and young professionals seek out these opportunities to achieve their potential and do high-quality work, made possible by the ETG training and project management system.

Unlike an internship, businesses work with a team of diverse thinkers capable of providing real impact.  And unlike a class project, dedicated professional project management means that your business needs are addressed the way you need them.

We are looking for three to four organizations interested in sponsoring a local Brain Trust team for 2019.

Check out the Request for Letters of Interest for more details and the link to the application form.



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