Wise Economy TV

Come on, you don’t want to watch any more of those cat videos, do you?

Here’s some great recent videos from Wise Economy updates, travels and discussions.  At least, the content is great.  Camera skills are a work in progress….


Better Block Boro Part Deux: A Walk Through


Wise Economy TV #8: Oh yeah, I Work Here…

From the Good Ideas File: Bad Girl Ventures Accelerator (from LocalEconomyRevolutionBook.com)

Open Data, Apps and Planning: Mini-presentations from American Planning Association session

Wise Economy TV #7: The Curse is Upon Us, Apparently

Wise Economy TV #6: Why This Work Matters, Seeking Tactical Revitalizers, and…. derp-apalooza

Wise Economy TV #5: Whups….

Wise Economy TV #4: Four Eyes R Us!


Wise Economy TV #3: Take Two – The Non-On-The-Road-ish Version:

Wise Economy TV #2: What Happens When Della Tries to Say Something Profound about Incubators and Stuff While Loaded up on Cold Medicine:

Wise Economy TV #1: Della Tries to Talk about Trends in Economy Development While Pretending She Knows What All the Google Hangout Buttons Mean.  Silly Hats Barely Avoided.

Della Takes You On a Walk Through Better Block Boro (Middlesboro, Kentucky),  October 2013 (I was there talking about the implications of The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help)

Students from a local university explaining why they had come out to dig and hammer on a bitter cold morning in Middlesboro, Kentucky

Mike Lydon of Street Plans Collaborative explaining the economic impact of a parklet in Middlesboro, Kentucky   

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