Entrepreneur Empowerment

Whether you’re dealing with technology startups, traditional small businesses, entrepreneurs or everything in between, economic development and community development professionals often Picture1find themselves at a loss.  Small businesses and entrepreneurs are confusing, contradictory, messy, and demanding… and there’s a lot of them.  A lot of them.

And a lot of the things that we have conventionally offered to big businesses don’t seem to help.

Finding effective strategies to help grow existing small businesses or foster tech startups can feel like wandering in the fog — and part of the reason why we have that fog is because we haven’t realized that this portion of your local economy has challenges, needs and, yes, blind spots that you may not have encountered before.

Communities are finding that they need healthy startups and small businesses more today than ever before — to fuel future growth, to keep money from leaking out, to generate energy and enthusiasm and to create the high-quality jobs their residents need.  But too often, we do not really know how to help them.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups all need help growing.  They need repairs, advice, direction, resources, fuel, and more.  And sometimes, most of all, what they need is a dense network of other small businesses and entrepreneurs to support each other on the journey.  And often, they don’t know that they need all that yet.

But now you do.  And the Wise Economy Workshop can help you find, build and connect to all of the help that your entrepreneurs and small businesses need.  Let’s figure it out and get going. Your local economy will thank you.

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