DeepDive Economic Analysis

used car salemanWe help you decide.  We don’t give you spin.

Most economic impact studies generate a Number dressed up as science.  They claim huge economic impacts…usually on information and assumptions that border on crazy.  And since that information and assumptions are hidden in a black-box “model” or an impossible-to-follow appendix, you don’t know whether to trust that number or not.  But that Number makes for Real Good Press.

Until it doesn’t actually happen.  And you discover that the public doesn’t trust your Numbers anymore.

The DeepDive process upends this downward spiral, using a mix of original research and transparent analysis to give you a realistic assessment of the likely economic impacts of a proposed project.  By digging into the sleeper opportunities that the standard numbers usually miss, and by tracing out the impacts through real-world math, a DeepDive analysis gives you something much more valuable than spin.  It gives you information that you can use to make intelligent decisions about your community’s future.

How do we do that?  Every community is different, but here’s a few elements of our Special Sauce:

  • We run the usual numbers — but as much to show you why certain things aren’t working as to show you what is.
  • We talk to people. A lot of people.  We talk to your business owners, your community partners, the partners you wish you had, even your critics.  We ask them the questions that we know you can’t always ask.  We tap and explore their passions, their hopes, their frustrations.   And we listen.  Hard.
  • We use simple math to give you, your community, your funders, an indication of the opportunities, including those you might have overlooked.  This isn’t a black box-generated Magic Number that no one really trusts.  It’s not a sound bite with no substance.  Our analysis is completely transparent, developed around real numbers and real, understandable impacts, and done with calculations that everyone in your community can understand.

What you get from a DeepDive analysis isn’t a public relations campaign.  But it’s the kind of information you need to make intelligent decisions.  The kind of infomation you can trust.

And for a fraction of what you might pay for a Magic Useless Number.


Here’s a few examples of DeepDive methods at work:

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