Updated White Paper on Online Public Engagement Platforms

Sometimes you create something that you just can’t kill….

Over a year ago I did my last update to a white paper summarizing online public engagement platforms that I had been updating through most of 2012.  I stopped doing it for a variety of reasons — there were a whole lot more platforms than I knew of when I started, it was starting to get very messy figuring out what should be included and what shouldn’t, and while it seemed to be of some benefit, I was always worried about not giving the right information, or writing something that is incomplete or inaccurate.  And trying to do all that research and keep it up to date was, to be honest, a real pain in the butt.

But a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a person who was writing an article about online public engagement for a magazine.  And she wanted to cite the white paper.

So I’ve done a quick update to it.  If you want it, you can get it below.

Two — nope, four caveats:

1) If you know of a commercially-available platform that help people engage with their community’s decision-making, and it’snot on here, please let me know.  There are a couple, like Nationbuilder, that I purposely left off this one because I didn’t feel like it fit my internal definition, but my internal definition of what belongs in here…well, it’s squishy, to say the least.

2) If you’re favorite platform (or God forbid, your platform), isn’t on here….I’m sorry.  Don’t hit me.  I doesn’t mean I don’t love you.  It does mean that I don’t have infinite time for this.  But do please let me know.

3) If your platform is on here and something is wrong our out of date, please let me know.  I don’t want every technical detail — you people put out new iterations so fast I’ll never keep up — but if there’s been a big change in functionality, pricing, etc. please let me know.

4) I’m looking for a better (read: less onerous) way to make this information available to the public, since there seems to be some demand for it.  If you have some bright ideas along that line, definitely do let me know.


Online Engagement Platforms White Paper



2 thoughts on “Updated White Paper on Online Public Engagement Platforms”

    1. I had seen it but just recently learned enough about it to realize that it fits this paper. I’m in the process of redoing this format in a way that will make it much easier to update, and it’s be in there!

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