Start Your Engines

If you are going to build a small business community, grow a startup ecosystem, do more meaningful public engagement or do anything to make our communities better, you need information, insight and guidance.

And chances are, a lot of the Same Old Speakers aren’t delivering what you need.

You need a speaker or a workshop leader who truly understands how the world is changing, and can help your audience learn how to manage that change.

And maybe more importantly, you need someone who won’t put them to sleep.

After over 200 plenaries, speeches, workshops, discussion groups and other presentations to thousands of attendees across the United States, Wise Economy Workshop Principal Della Rucker has consistently demonstrated a thoughtful, entertaining and energizing speaking presence, and the ability to deliver workshops and trainings that participants don’t forget.

From classrooms to auditorium stages, Rucker holds your attention, changes the way you think, keeps you laughing and empowers you to, in her words, “go get ’em.”

Here’s an Ignite talk on rethinking the conventional approach to economic development away from twiddling the controls on a machine to cultivating an ecosystem: 


And a second short presentation on why our addiction to over-simplistic magic bullet strategies are like our addition to junk food:


Here’s a keynote of about 45 minutes that was given to ICAN Global on roughly the same topic:

EBF: Della Rucker – Creating an Innovation Business Ecology from iCAN-Global on Vimeo.


And here’s some audio recordings of presentations from the Wise Economy Radio collection, including:

  • A training session with Peter Mallow about not getting fooled again by simplistic economic development studies,
  • Selections from a presentation for the American Planning Association on using Web 2.0 tools for public engagement, and
  • A session on managing retail business districts effectively:



Presentations can be given in person or via Skype, Hangout or other video streaming technology.  Use the Contact at the top of this page, or send an email to della.rucker@wiseeconomy.com.