Small Business ecosystems: why, what and how (annotated slides)

When I was looking through my presentations to find the annotated slide deck on online public participation tools that I posted earlier this week, I also found this one on why we need to build small business ecosystems and what those look like (short version: we don’t have a choice, they probably won’t do it by themselves, and we need them to.)

Small business ecosystem annotated

The ecosystem idea and some of the small business issues may sound familiar from The Local Economy Revolution: What’s Changed and How You Can Help.   And interestingly, I get to expand on this topic even more later this month!

On July 23, I will be teaching a webinar for Lorman Education Services titled:

Leaders or Feeders: What Governments Can Do To Help Grow Small Businesses.  

And since I brought it up (ahem), here’s the description:

Government officials and elected leaders are facing intense pressure to demonstrate job growth, but conventional big business recruitment efforts involve large budget and staff time commitments – and seldom pay off. Governments are increasingly seeing a need to focus economic development efforts on small business growth, but they soon discover that the same methods cannot be applied – that small businesses have very different needs and expectations. This live webinar will help you get inside the mind of a small business owner and understand their assumptions and challenges. We will then examine methods being used by large and small communities across the country to help support small business growth by providing relatively low-cost types of assistance. These “feeder” types of assistance focus on cultivating a robust, highly interconnected small business environment that can catalyze growth faster than conventional methods. We will also examine effective roles that governments can play in actively changing a community’s small business environment through targeted efforts that make the best use of governments’ strengths and capacities.

Sound good? It actually does get better:

If you or any of your colleagues, friends, acquaintances or random strangers sign up for this webinar, you can get it for 50% off the usual price! 

Just use this code at checkout: T8587836

I hope you’ll join me!

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