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Wise Economy ideas often surface first through great conversations. Through Wise Economy Radio, we give you a chance to check out some of the best emerging ideas and amazing innovators working in communities across the world today.  Whether you’re looking for ideas, inspiration, or plain old encouragement, chances are someone’s out there doing it today.  And chances are you’ll find them here.


Access the full Wise Economy Radio catalog  at http://soundcloud.com/wiseeconomy.  You can listen or download directly from the site through any browser, or you can download a SoundCloud app for easy streaming.

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Here’s a couple of the latest podcast — and see the links below the bar for some past favorites!

And here’s a few other recent favorites:

Mary Stagaman, Agenda 360, Discusses The Story Project

Bill Lutz and how generational change has to change economic development

 We’re doing OK, but not for long: Dublin Ohio and the Bridge Street Plan

The Impossible Got Done: Rehabilitating the Fort Piqua Hotel

Taking Control of Your Economy: APA Award-winning Clinton County, Ohio 


A thousand thanks to Matthew Anklan for the great intro music.   Check Matt out here



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