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The Ohio City-County Manager Association has kindly invited Mark Barbash, Jim Kinnett and myself to launch a series of workshops on economic development issues designed for municipal managers and other local government leaders.  Mark, Jim and I are looking forward to spending some quality time delving into the issues facing Ohio communities and their economies today.

All three of us have a lot more years of economic development training under our belts than…well, than we would probably care to admit.  But that’s our loss and your gain.  Click here for our biographies.

Session 4 is coming up on June 13 at the Glenn School of Public Policy on the campus of The Ohio State University.  It’s titled, ” Is it Worth It?  Evaluating the Return on Investment in your Economic Development Efforts”


Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

Are your community’s economic development efforts working?  Are they generating a real return on investment for your community?  How can you tell – and how can you identify what you can do better?

This final session of the series will give you a framework and a toolkit for comprehensively evaluating your community’s economic development efforts.  Learn how to create a clear-eyed, objective evaluation of your efforts and get yourself ready for a successful and cost-effective future.

Cost, including presentation materials and workbook, is $125 per participant, payable via credit card or check with registration.

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 Looking forward to seeing you in Columbus!


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