Full archived webinar of Reaching the Ones Who Don’t Show Up: Using Web 2.0 Tools for Public Engagement

Just a quick note to let you know that if you want to see and hear the full presentation of Reaching the Ones Who Don’t Show up, it’s posted now at:


If that doesn’t work, it’s also at:


Sorry, but no continuing education credits for listening to/watching this.   Not my set of rules, ya know….

You can find the whole collection of AICP Continuing Education webinars at http://www.utah-apa.org/webcast-archive.

This version includes the presentation from Steve Miller of MindMixer, as well as the Question and Answer session, which was pretty interesting.

If you want to see the white paper that was referenced in the beginning of my presentation, you can download it here.  A revised version with couple of new additions will be out in a couple of weeks.





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