For Urban and Community Planners

Great Places Don’t Happen Without Businesses that Work and People Who Care

“If You Build It, They Will Come.”

Field of Dreams (c) Universal Studios.

Yes, that works in baseball movies.  But we get told that far too often in our complicated cities and villages and neighborhoods, too.

Great places, from parks and plazas to neighborhoods and streets, need three elements that we can’t draw, map, plant or build out of bricks and stone (or pallet wood):

Businesses that thrive 

People who stand up for them

Political decisions that empower them

We’d like to think that these things will happen organically, but even organic growth needs care, support and cultivation.  And, if we’re honest, we have a long history in urban planning of building in the hopes that Good Things Will Happen.  And sighing helplessly when they didn’t.

If we’re going to make the transformations in communities that we said we wanted to make, then we need to build the economic and human infrastructure to support them, not just leave it to chance.  

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