For Tech Communities

It’s a hell of a time to be doing what you do.

You’re creating the new economy and new nightime city blurred lighsways of working together.

You’re inventing not only new products, but new ways to build a community.  It’s exciting, it’s thrilling, and it’s…

Hard.  Really hard.

Your community can meet a lot of its own needs, but every so often you need help — help with regulations, help with space, help with funding, help with making the kind of difference in the places you care about that you want to make.

But those old systems — governments, nonprofits, foundations, business groups — why don’t they help us?  Why are we having so much trouble getting traction? Why isn’t it working?

Sometimes it feels like you need an interpreter — someone to help you navigate the system, someone to help them understand who you are and how you’re all trying to work toward the same goals.  

The Wise Economy Workshop understands both startups and governments, entrepreneurs and traditional organizations.  We can help you bridge the gap, work successfully with them without giving up your value, and help you make the difference that you want to (and that they really do want you to as well).

The Wise Economy Workshop does

the analysis you need to demonstrate impact,

the strategy development you need to plan your way forward,

the community engagement you need to get not just your members, but the rest of the community, on board,

and the faciltation and concensus-building to help you work in partnership with traditional leaders and organizations to empower you to have a real impact.