For Economic Developers

Are you Truly Making An Impact?

We have a problem in economic development.  We know that the size and number of the nightime city blurred lighsBig Deals is plummeting, that businesses are looking for places that offer people and communities that stand out from the crowded field, and that the overwhelming majority of our local economy growth is more likely to come from local small businesses and entrepreneurs than anything else.

But no one has taught us how to do any of this.

When the basics of local economies  — and the basics of communities themselves — are changing before our eyes, it’s hard to even get your head above water, let alone demonstrate that you’re making a difference.  But you can have a powerful, unmistakeable impact on your economy and your community, and do it without the harsh spotlight and pointed questions that your usual methods may be generating today.

You can build your local economy — and build broad shared support for economic development initiatives — with less risk, greater community buy-in and more meaningful long-term impact.  You just have to learn how.


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