Finally! Wise Fool Press Publications now available in PDF for readers worldwide!

Sometimes you discover that a tool you have been relying on can’t do everything you need… and the only answer is to add another tool to the box.

Many Wise Fool Press readers find it easier to work with a PDF format publication – they can read it on any device, and it doesn’t require them to download another app.  I’ve been using Square to sell books in person for years, and I like their interface and their emphasis on small business, so when I started to sell books online I set up Square Marketplace for the PDFs.

Then I discovered to my surprise that people outside of the USA cannot make purchases through Square.  One slightly grumpy individual even took that as a sign of US self-obsession rearing its ugly head again.  I think Square just doesn’t have an international business model, but at any rate, this was a clear oversight that I needed to fix.

So, after a fair amount of mucking around with options, I’ve set up a store on Gumroad, which is a very neat site for independent content creators, like authors and musicians.  All four of the current Wise Fool Press publications, including the Secrets of Retail District Revitalization Short Shot that I announced yesterday, are available as PDFs for anyone, anywhere, right here.  If you click the cover image and scroll down on the bigger version that pops up, you’ll get a very easy purchasing screen.  Easy Cheesy, as my brother often says.

Of course, Kindle and print options remain available for both international and USA, and the Square Market store continues to operate. So now you really don’t have any excuse do you?

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