Reading Community Marketing Plan

Reading is a nineteenth century suburb of Cincinnati that features a strong industrial base, an attractive downtown setting and a regional specialty retail niche.  However, Reading’s ability to compete regionally for investment suffered from a lack of a strong community identity and a lack of regional awareness of its advantages.

Della worked in partnership with the City’s longtime Economic Development consultant, LSR Consultants, to identify Reading’s potential strategic advantages and develop strategies for promoting Reading to potential investors, business operators and residents.

The Community Marketing Plan’s research process included interviews with more than a dozen key stakeholders and investors that ranged from small retailers to a major industrial employer.  The Plan identifies several strategic advantages and a range of strategies designed to build upon these advantages cost-effectively.

Recommendations include:

  • Developing a Shared Vision and a Targeted Marketing Strategy;
  • Developing an ongoing Marketing and Retention Program, including development of a site atlas, a business calling program, an ongoing public relations campaign and technical support seminars in partnership with appropriate agencies
  • Developing new marketing materials, including a logo and slogan,
  • Developing a program of special events and targeted activities.

The Plan’s recommendations were implemented through improved graphic design, promotional materials, special events, increased business retention and the recruitment of several businesses in industries that were targeted by the Marketing Plan.