Podcast: Urban Business Districts, Real Estate Realities and the Formula for Retail Death

In our first Wise Economy podcast of 2013, we’re sharing excerpts from a presentation by Ed Starkie of Urban Advisors.  This presentatation was given at the Plan Build Live Neighborhood Charrette, part of the City of Cincinnati Department of Planning and Building’s initiative to rework its land use regulation system.


In this session, you will hear Ed talk about the economic development and real estate benefits of form-based coding approaches.  One of the particularly valuable things that he points out is the advantages form-based codes provide  in terms of facilitating reuse of existing buildings — benefits that have real payoffs because smaller development and business projects are often easier to find funding for today than the big projects.  Starting at about 10:00, Ed also gives a nice summary of the physical considerations that should go into economic development strategies for urban business districts.  He explains very clearly how important density of shoppers and density of businesses are for retail district success, and he gives a nice summary of the Formula for Retail Death.  Surely you don’t want to miss that, now do you?

As usual, you can stream this presentation to your computer or mobile device from this link, or you can download it for your listening pleasure later.


If you would prefer to watch video of the whole presentation (it runs about an hour), here’s a link, courtesy of Plan Build Live:


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